With your hand, you hold onto the board’s middle, plant one foot on the ground to pop it up, and then land back down again with both feet on the board. A boneless is a street trick that looks like this: For a boneless, you need some momentum and a few tricks of the trade to get the job done right. Take a look at Step 1 for some ideas.

1.Stand on the board with your feet.

It’s easier to do this if you put one foot in front of the front trucks and the other in front of the bolts. Before you try the boneless, you should have some momentum going, so it’s easier for you to lift the board up in the air and land back on it. People who are just standing still will have a hard time getting the board to rise up.

2.grab the board behind your front trucks.

It’s time to get down on the ground. Bend down a little and use your back hand, which is on the same side as your front foot, to grab onto the board behind the front trucks and behind your front foot. Get a good grip on the board, because that’s what you’ll need to move it.

3.Let your front foot fall off.

To ollie, you put your foot on the ground and use it and your hand to pop the tail of the board like you would in an ollie. Make sure you catch it with your hand. Before you lift your front foot off the ground, the board should be in midair. You’ll have to do some work to get the board to rise. You’ll have to use the strength in your front foot and lift the board with your hand to get it to rise. The first thing you’ll need to learn is how to slide off your front foot quickly.

4. Jump with the board up.

Make sure your body is moving up along with the board. You can use your free hand to lift up and help you get some good height going, as well. This is how you should hold on to your skateboard while you’re in the air: Keep your other hand in the middle and keep your back foot in place as you glide through space. Realistically, it might be hard to keep your whole back foot on the board when you’re just starting out. You should try, though, to keep at least toes and the ball of your foot on the board if possible, though.

5. With your back hand, level the board.

If the board starts to go in a different direction than your front foot, use your hand to straighten it. You’ll need to put it in a straight line so you can put your front foot back on it.

6.When the board is level, put your front foot back on it.

Place your front foot on the board as soon as you let go of your back hand, so you can hit the ground clean. Your knees are bent when you put your foot down on the board, so you’ll be able to take a lot of the force when the board hits the ground.

7.Cleanse: Roll away.

As soon as you land, get out of that crouching position and move your arms, which should be out to your sides, to move them closer to your sides while still being balanced. This will help your body straighten out. As soon as you feel comfortable on the board, you can even try a boneless again.

8. More boneless tricks.

There are a few more things you can do with the boneless once you get the hang of them. Boneless chicken can be done on a ramp or with other changes, like adding some other things to the regular kind. Some moves you can try:

• The boneless flip

• The boneless 180 finger flip to indie

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